People working on Fallen Bridge Park

Fallen Bridge Mini-Park came into being in the early 1970s because the neighborhood wanted to turn the freeway easement property surrounding the 18th street freeway walking bridge into a park.

The Mini-Park, now the responsibility of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department, initially supported a sand area and children's playground. By the year 2000, all the playground material had decayed and had been removed and the sand area contained broken glass and needles, while the concrete walls contained graffiti.

In 2003 the neighborhood organization, MUNA (Mariposa-18th-San Bruno-Utah Street Neighborhood Association), established a committee with the objective of improving the park.

People working on Fallen Bridge Park

The committee began on the short term plan by replacing the sand area with a small path and plants. In 2004 the committee completed a plan and set out to find funding for the upgrade plan for the Fallen Bridge Mini-Park.

To date, funding for the Fallenbridge Mini-Park Upgrade (phase 1) has been secured.

This website was established to support the park upgrade and funding search activities.